There is no question that digital communication is the way forward in marketing, with SMS being at the forefront of many companies’ marketing campaigns. SMS marketing comes with instant message delivery and an open rate not seen by many other forms of communication. Almost every potential customer has a mobile phone that can receive SMS messages, and that mobile phone is typically in the customer’s pocket, which leads to easy accessibility. A customer receives an SMS text message, then the phone alerts them, and then they read it. If only an email, for example, was so simple. That popularity also extends to MMS messages, meaning a company can communicate with its customers in both text and other forms of multimedia, such as pictures and video.

What is Programmable SMS?

To utilize this market advantage, a company needs to have the ability to send SMS messages in bulk, efficiently. It is here that a programmable SMS service comes into the equation. Programmable SMS is a piece of software that allows a company to send and receive messages in bulk. That same piece of software also provides analytical information, such as :

●  How many customers opened and read the message?

●  How many customers follow through with the link within the message?

●  What area reacts to the business the most?

Programmable SMS software typically comes in the form of an API that implements into a company’s system, for ease of use, customizability, and straightforward implementation.

However, when dealing with a piece of software that can make or break a business’s marketing campaign, there should be absolute due diligence in picking a service provider. Luckily, the below outlines two major programmable SMS services, to ensure a business always chooses the right one. As with any form of product, the price is a significant selling point.

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Twilio SMS vs. SMSGorilla– Pricing

No message can get sent without a number to send it from. There are two possible numbers available, local numbers and Toll-free numbers.

Local Numbers

Local numbers, or long code numbers, work best when a company wants to direct its marketing efforts to a specific area. They are an excellent form of phone numbers for multinational companies looking to provide a local presence as potential customers typically prefer to support a local business. A local phone number also allows a company to gauge where their marketing is received best by checking which number gets the best interaction, as a business can have more than one local number.

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Toll-Free Numbers

A toll-free number is more suitable for companies that wish to establish a nationwide presence. Customers dial this number free of charge, with the company covering the cost of the phone calls and messages. A toll-free number does the opposite of a local number. It shows a company as established and more significant, whether they are or not. Some customers prefer this as they can trust a more prominent company to provide a professional service.

Costs of Sending SMS Messages

Of course, purchasing a number is only one part of SMS marketing, as the company using the numbers also has to pay per message sent. SMS pricing per provider varies depending on the carrier. Contact SMSGorilla today for accurate pricing.

Additional Carrier Charges

Additional fees do apply from the carrier network, which is the case for both services. Examples of those potential charges are as follows:

●  Bermuda Digital Communications – $0.0025 per message

●  Bluegrass Cellular-SVR/2 – $0.0025 per message

●  Sprint Spectrum L.P. – $0.00015 per message

●  Verizon Wireless – $0.0026 per message

●   US Cellular Corp. – $0.005 per message

Additional Benefits

SMSGorilla is cheaper than Twilio when sending a message, though the price is not everything. It is essential to look at the service on offer in detail, to make sure a company picks the best Programmable SMS provider for them.

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A Focus on ROI

An SMS message is not just another form of communication for a company, but also an investment to increase profits. SMSGorilla understands this, so it has focused on ensuring that its customers receive the best return on investment or ROI. The sales team can provide more info, but a low-cost, high-quality service is a great way to get the money’s worth out of a product.


SMS marketing is of no use to anyone if the messages aren’t getting received by anyone. It is for that reason why SMSGorilla has worked strenuously to gather the experience and the right infrastructure, to ensure that every message sent with the SMS API gets to where it needs to go, with minimal delay.

Customer Service

Because SMSGorilla has taken the time to establish itself within the industry of bulk SMS marketing, it has a large amount of experience that the customer service team is willing to share. Experts help build a business’s communication network, assist with managing it, and ultimately grow it to further help cement a company’s presence in its industry. Excellent customer service from the SMS API provider ensures the best customer experiences for recipients of those messages.

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These same data centers, and the cloud service they provide, also provide unrivaled scalability. The use of programmable SMS from SMSGorilla helps small businesses grow, and so will its need for the SMS service. With the use of AWS elastic load balancers, companies can scale in almost real-time to have additional phone numbers for use, the ability for texting more messages per second, or both.

Choose SMSGorilla for Programmable SMS

When asked, 75% of people prefer to receive marketing messages via SMS. This is further backed up by the 90% open rate of text messages, compared to the low 20% open rate for emails. These numbers are a great indicator of why a company should not skip out on SMS marketing. In short, SMS messages are a great way to get a message to both existing and potential customers. SMSGorilla is one of the better providers of the service out there.

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