Sending an SMS is a modern convenience often taken for granted. A user types out a message, hits send, and then the intended recipient should hopefully receive the SMS message. However, a lot is happening between hitting send and the recipient receiving the message, which, without that process, would make sending SMS messages impossible. So, who handles the technical components that make sending and receiving messages possible? The answer is phone carriers.

A single person using SMS for domestic purposes won’t have to worry about their phone carrier. However, a business will need to contract the services of a phone carrier who can perform bulk SMS messaging, if they intend to use SMS marketing. Luckily, finding a phone carrier is easy and affordable with the use of a free carrier lookup tool.

What Is a Phone Carrier Lookup Tool?

A business will use its chosen text message marketing platform to send both informational texting services and promotional messages, typically, through an SMS API integrated into its CRM application. However, just because they have a marketing platform, it does not come ready to send a message. Every time a message gets sent, the application needs to know which cell phone operator the message needs to go to for it to get to the intended recipient.

A cell phone carrier lookup tool handles this responsibility. The business performing the marketing message will search for the phone number in the carrier lookup tool directory. From there, the carrier lookup tool will automatically locate the country of the recipient and the network that their mobile phone uses. The application, using that information, which includes the carrier name, then sends the message onto the operator of the recipient. If a business can do without real-time automation, there are less intensive free phone carrier lookup tools.

How Do Phone Carrier Lookup Tools Work?

As addressed above, a cell phone carrier lookup tool gathers various information on the numbers used by the intended recipients. This function allows a business to check that the numbers they are marketing to, are within the business’s targeted area while ensuring the numbers getting reached are real, which helps avoid undelivered messages. It can also help a company understand if the number is roaming or not, which, if it is, will cost the recipient.  

Typically, each search through a cell carrier lookup tool gets charged on a per-user basis.

The Typical Phone Carrier Lookup Process

Performing a search through a mobile phone number carrier lookup tool is reasonably straight forward, with the process resembling the following:

The business will enter the number in question, into the search bar, either by manually typing or copying and pasting from their list of stored numbers. The number can be either a mobile phone number or a landline.

The tool will then prompt the business to select the country they reside in before receiving a prompt to “check carrier” or similar. It may be possible to run multiple searches at once or consecutively, at least.

The phone lookup tool then extracts useful carrier information about the number/s, as explored above.

Do Owners of Cell Phone Numbers Know When They Are Checked?

Consumer privacy and protection is a heated topic among companies that use mass marketing. Consumers do not legally need to get notified when their number, whether landline or a mobile network number, is checked in a carrier lookup phone database.

Why Should a Business Use a Phone Carrier Lookup Tool?

There are multiple benefits of a phone number carrier lookup tool, as touched on above, though it is always useful to outline them clearly. Some examples of the benefits of a cell phone carrier lookup tool for businesses include the following:

  • It provides a business the ability to route out fake, spam, or otherwise invalid numbers in the company’s database.
  • It allows a company to separate landline numbers and mobile numbers in the database.
  • It allows a business to streamline its mobile marketing strategy by using the information to pinpoint where most of its recipients reside.
  • It allows a marketing team to optimize their mobile marketing procedure, as they can categorize the database of numbers for efficiency, based on location via the area code and country code, time zones, mobile, and landline phones. This information allows the team to build use cases to ensure the best results from their marketing.

Utilize a Phone Carrier Lookup API

Businesses need straightforward, easy to use, marketing tools, and for a phone number carrier lookup tool, an API is the best solution.  An API or application programming interface works to connect the phone carrier lookup provider and the business for automatic mobile carrier lookup. A business can customize the API to receive the information necessary to them, though, typically, the more information a company requires, the more expensive the service, which is why free carrier lookup tools come with minimal features.

Don’t Underestimate Phone Carrier Lookup Services

No matter the marketing budget of a business, they should not skimp on carrier lookup phone services. They are the foundation of a mass messaging marketing campaign, as they route out unavailable numbers and help a company plan its marketing accordingly.

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