An auto dialer is a machine or piece of software that dials phone numbers without human interference. It plays recorded messages or forwards the call to a live agent once the recipient picks up. Outbound campaigns can’t function effectively without an auto-dialer. Technology is the foundation of each modern call center. Its excellent abilities account for proactive advertiser-to-customer interaction. Dependable auto dialer software ranks as the top feature a call center needs. Utilize its powers today and you get:

  • Optimal efficiency of your agents
  • Better overall performance
  • More direct contact with customers
  • High-quality connection
  • Guaranteed TCPA compliance
  • Reduction in running costs for your call center

Choosing the right auto dialer can be cumbersome at best. We at SMSGorilla can help you get richer customer connections. We’ll show you how to reach your business goals. It’s wise to study the ins-and-outs of the automated dialer.

Legal Status of Auto Dialers in the US

The FCC protects customers against unauthorized phone calls. The TCPA is the main federal law regulating the matter. It has provisions about auto dialers. The technology is in no way illegal for companies to use. What you need to be careful about is how you make phone calls with them. Businesses have to make sure they use auto-dialers in compliance. They should not disturb the peace of their customers. The main restrictions to be careful about are:

  • You can’t use an auto-dialer for unwanted sales calls
  • Calls should happen in standard business hours, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 9 pm
  • Phone numbers on the DNC List should not receive automated phone calls

People have to give you prior consent to call them with business propositions. Past and current clients can receive updates on the quality of a product or service. The FCC doesn’t treat auto dialer cold calls favorably. That’s where most companies fail to follow compliance laws. You can’t auto-dial current clients with a business proposition. Written permission to do so enables you to avoid fines. Manual dialing is the way to do it and avoid penalties. You can, however, call consumers with info about the products and services they’ve already bought. Let’s say you are a travel agent. Air carriers cancel flights all the time. You can call your customers to tell them about such events.

Auto Dialers Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Auto dialing has been around for over thirty years. In this time, technology has evolved. It becomes hard to tell which new technology evolved from the old one. New dialing methods aim at keeping up with the latest advances. They help you follow the rules of ever-changing laws. Don’t be surprised there aren’t one, but three main types of auto dialers:

  • Predictive dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer

The three types use different algorithms. They cover the various business requirements of call centers. Predictive dialers are excellent for improving contact rates. Progressive dialers improve the quality of the interaction. The number of calls drops at the same time. Preview dialers give agents valuable time for research prior to a call.

Predictive Dialers Are Good for Efficiency

Predictive dialing relies on statistical algorithms. They minimize an agent’s waiting time between calls. People don’t like to answer a call, only to find there isn’t anyone on the other end. The predictive dialer comes in various forms. It can be a hardware set-up, a cloud-based service, or an app you install on call center computers. Dialing software is called “a softphone.” Any device that runs it becomes a telephone in its own right. It saves money on physical phones. The one thing they require is headsets for computers. Even Android smartphones capable of running the app do the trick. Softphones have all the power of regular phones. They can use VoIP, send SMS, handle outbound calling and inbound calling. They have more dialing modes than a regular desk phone. The latter needs adjustments and upgrades, and special hardware is the only way to broaden dialing mode capacity. Regular dialing software updates are enough for softphones.

Pros and Cons of Predictive Dialers

The advantages of a call center relying on efficiency include:

  • It enables the receiving of more calls
  • It saves money on human resources
  • The work time of call centers using the technology increases
  • Achieving higher contact rates becomes easy

The other side of predictive dialers demonstrates some weaker points:

  • The current federal laws limit the use of predictive dialing
  • The technology happens to fail at predicting delays in marketing messages. This results in high dropped call rates
  • Predictive dialers require a lot of available agents to utilize their capacity
  • Agents must have all information about the lead before the dialer makes the call

Contact SMSGorilla now. Our experts will help you determine whether predictive dialers are the right move for your enterprise.

Progressive Dialers for More Meaningful Interaction with Customers

CPA is a major contribution of Big Data for auto dialing. Call Progress Analysis relies on audio to set up a call. CPA can create a user profile in real-time based on the information it has on the customer. Progressive dialers are the result of mixing a CPA with modern automated outbound dialing systems. The latter could be both hardware and auto dialer software. It allows call centers to fully automate the dialing process, thus increasing the overall call quality.

Pros and Cons of Progressive Dialers

Consider applying the technology to your business if you’re looking for:

  • A way out of high drop-out rates
  • A Guarantee that there is always an available agent to answer the call
  • The ability of agents to gather info on the lead in advance
  • Data on previous interaction with the customer

Upgrading your phone system to a progressive dialer is tempting. There are several drawbacks with the technology to consider before you do so:

  • Agents have to comb through more calls before they get a live response
  • The system can fail to determine when an agent is available. This doesn’t happen often, but it can disturb workflow.
  • A pause in the response may cause the system to leave a voicemail. This translates into a missed chance of connecting to a live agent.

Progressive dialers are an ideal solution for call centers without excessive traffic. These tend to focus more on the quality of interaction.

Preview Dialers Allow for Stronger Connections with Customers

The above systems prioritize high call rates. The quality of the interaction between agent and customer comes in second place. An advanced preview dialer provides ready-to-use data. You can create a precise customer profile, which the agent can then access right before the call. They come into the conversation better prepared to meet personal needs in this way. This comes of use when your company deals with VIPs. Using a preview dialer doesn’t mean you give up on efficiency. The approach empowers you to deliver a personalized experience. This only increases the quality of a call center’s service.

Pros and Cons of Preview Dialers

Preview dialing is a powerful tool in the right hands. Call centers fitting the approaches profile:

  • Register 99.9% uptime with a low rate of dropped calls
  • Build stronger, more durable connections with customers
  • Fine-tune marketing campaigns to fit predefined business goals

Preview dialing in a call center requires careful preparation:

  • Federal regulations change. You need to stay up-to-date with developments to ensure compliance.
  • Agents require advanced skills to handle the different nature of the calls. Organize regular training programs to hone their skills in real-time.
  • Higher call-back rates require advanced approaches and software. IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a vital part of the process. Pair it with inbound routing and intelligent bending. Together, they become an integral part of your call center software package.

Analysis of your goals can tell if preview dialing is the way to go. SMSGorilla will gladly help you find the best-budgeted option. You don’t have to compromise the quality of your contact center solution.

Power Dialers Are Making a Statement

Power dialers have been making a statement in the past couple of years. They integrate the pros of the main types of auto-dialers. Attempts to minimize the negative sides make them appealing. They work well in mid-size businesses and large enterprises alike. Power dialing uses phone numbers from various sources and the software can sweep the internet for viable leads. It fills in Caller ID information in your lists without help as power dialers come with functional CRM integration. These all-in-one solutions empower your sales team to perform better. They don’t waste time and resources on unpromising leads.

Call center managers offer strong praise for power dialers because they:

  • Enable agents to compile useful data during calls. They can use it in future contacts with a lead.
  • Reduce voicemail cropping issues to near-zero
  • Don’t allow the human factors to impede dialing speed
  • Give sale team reps the chance to gather notes and research in advance
  • Gather Caller ID information from various sources. Google searches to specialized directories are all fair game.

Power dialers, though, don’t always perform as well as other predictive dialers. Pure call volume is a problem in large contact centers. The human presence in the approach doesn’t leave another option. Call centers resort to internal regulations to help minimize call downtime. The process takes extra effort that you might not have the patience for. Power dialing naturally comes with more dropped calls. You have to hire more contact center staff to avoid the negative impact on the end results.

Are There Auto Dialer Apps You Can Use?

Auto dialers initially came on to the scene as hardware solutions. They were pieces of hardware you attached to your phone systems. Modern advanced cloud technology makes investing in hardware obsolete. Maintenance and upgrade costs drop. Some call centers don’t reassess budgets for them for a couple of years at a time. That’s a rare thing in a world of changing technology. Modern auto dialer systems are cloud-based. The service provider takes care of the technical details and set-up. You don’t even have to purchase phones. You only need computers capable of running the applications, no more, no less.

The Best Auto Dialers on The Market

SMSGorilla works with all major auto-dialing service providers. We give you direct access to the latest technology. Improve your call center’s workflow now. The right auto dialer company brings your business to a higher level. Some of the most voice broadcasting solutions come from:

  • SalesForce
  • RingCentral
  • CallHub

The big names in the field take quality assurance seriously, and they don’t compromise the end-user experience. They offer advanced API solutions, call-back guarantees, and have answering machine detection power. Pricing for service packages depends on the volume of calls expected. Additional services and DNC properties determine the end-price as well.

Salesforce is a Global Player

Salesforce is a cloud-based computing company. It’s based in San Francisco’s Bay Area and has been offering call automation services since 2001. They are one of the oldest players in the field. Salesforce offers a dependable service you can rely on for years. Salesforce’s all-in-one solutions contribute to better talk time metrics. Salesforce CRM is the granddaddy of customer relationship management services. Marketing automation and data analytics tools complement the user experience. The enterprise is in Fortune’s top-ten, “the best companies to work for.” This accolade points to the fact that they are doing something right.

Other popular auto-dialing system providers include:

  • Five9
  • Velocity
  • ChaseData
  • InContact
  • Exotel
  • PhoneBurner

Careful research of services and pricing helps you make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to ask service providers the questions you have. Online reviews will assist you in making the right choice as well.

RingCentral is the Next Name to Consider

RingCentral offers a range of phone systems. They are suited to the needs of small, mid-size businesses and large enterprises. Contact centers operating in various fields use their services:

  • Healthcare
  • Contact tracing
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Non-profit institutions
  • High-tech companies
  •  Expert services

Video and audio messages, SMS, and dialing all go through the cloud. RingCentral’s solutions work on all operating systems and hardware set-ups. Management of the platform happens easily. You can do it through API and dashboards on the agent’s screens. The 99.999% up-time SLA is yet another reason to consider using RingCentral.


CallHub has some excellent omnichannel marketing solutions. They will help you get the most out of various automated dialers. The company offers predictive, preview, and power dialers. A wealth of additional services is to be found on their website. Need talk time reports and analytics tools? Unlimited agent accounts? SMS opt-in and shortcode services? CallHub’s pay-as-you-go pricing model gives you a good bargain for all of these.

Set Up Your Auto Dialer Today

You’ve done half of the work after you’ve chosen your service provider already. The major dialing automation providers offer comprehensive support. They help you set up the system at your call center. Remember, SMSGorilla can also help. Get the most out of the auto-dialing software you pick up. You should get the job done regardless of your choice.

The Bottom Line

Your business can reap the benefits of high-end auto dialing software. Do it here and now. Auto dialing phone systems are cheaper and easier than ever. Technology has come a long way. It’s advanced beyond the annoying marketer lag of the past. Today you connect to your leads in real-time, which in turn optimizes your agent’s uptime. Vital features that help you to fine-tune the service include:

  • Call recording
  • Call-back scheduling
  • Built-in do-not-call scrubbing

You don’t have to clutter your office with equipment and computers. Everything runs in the cloud. There is no excuse not to utilize the power of modern cloud-based tech. No matter which option you choose, it’s the best option for your business.

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