You’re busy. It’s not easy to keep tabs on everything going on in life, and keeping track of emails, text messages, and phone calls makes things even more complicated. That’s where voice notifications can help.

Voice notification provides the option of audible notifications on your phone of incoming calls, texts, emails, or other messages. Some voice notification apps will also read those messages aloud so you can continue what you’re doing and not have to stop and look down at your phone.

How do voice notifications work?

There are different aspects to each app, but essentially, most apps use a preprogrammed voice simulation to read certain information out loud for the user to hear it. If a phone call is coming in, for example, and the contact is saved on the person’s phone, they might hear, “Incoming call from John Mason.” If the number is not from a saved contact, the person might instead hear, “Call coming from phone number 860-523-8455.”

When reading an email or relaying a voicemail message, the app would read the text of the message out loud or transcribe the voicemail into text then read that message aloud.

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Why are voice notifications important?

Some people may not want to utilize voice notification features while others find them indispensable for modern life. Using voice notifications frees up your hands so you can focus on other important factors.

For example, when driving a vehicle, the user would not need to look down at messages, thus taking their eyes off the road. This can directly improve safety. Another person may enjoy walking or jogging while listening to music, a podcast, or audiobook, but also want to hear incoming messages from friends, coworkers, or others.

Instead of simply hearing an alert sound indicating a message has been received or a call is coming in, being forced to stop what they’re doing to see who the call or message is from, and then reading it, they can simply know immediately whether it’s a crucial call or message and then act accordingly.

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How much do voice notifications cost?

Some apps are built into the phone and can be activated through the main ‘Settings’ section of the device. Basic features can be useful, but if the built-in app does offer more advanced options, there may be an additional cost associated with it.

Other apps can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple stores and may offer a wide range of options, including the type of voice that would read messages aloud, which apps it would notify you about, etc. Some voice notifications will charge for their services while others offer free options, which generally come with ads and limited features.

Voice notifications are not the same as voicemails.

It’s important not to confuse voice notifications with voicemails. These are not the same. A voicemail is a message someone leaves when they call another person’s phone, but that individual doesn’t answer. The voicemail would be a recorded message from the caller.

Voice notifications may read a transcribed copy of the voicemail, but it is generally designed to notify the user of incoming calls or messages, read text aloud, and provide the option of maintaining hands-free operation of their device.

Voice notifications can make modern life easier and even safer because the person can listen to these notifications rather than having to look down at their phone and be distracted while driving, walking, and participating in other activities.

These are, essentially, productivity enhancement options you can add to your phone.

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